We are an Association

The Association has two types of Associates: The Permanent (Familiar Businesses) and the Assistants.

The Permanent Associates are Family Businesses and they are represented within the Association by their Presidents, Directors and officers of the companies they own.

Here are some of the advantages of being a member of the Portuguese Family Businesses:

  • Belonging to a community which represents an important part of the country’s economic life, promotes Family Businesses and seeks to give them a voice within the national economic, social and political context.
  • Access practical and concrete solutions for the challenges in Family Businesses;
  • Have inside information regarding the new management practices of Family Businesses;
  • Benefit from the various existing protocols when requesting services from Assistant Associates;
  • Benefit from private e-mail or face-to-face meetings with Assistant Associates (for free);
  • Exchange experiences between the owners of national and international Family Businesses, either through direct networking in our activities, or through “Get in Touch” e-mails (sent by the Association);
  • Participate in the Association’s activities, of which most are cost-free to the Associate;
  • Participate in awareness actions regarding the importance of the continuity on Family Businesses (Generational Transitioning);
  • Benefit from all initiatives that contribute to the excellence of Family Businesses;
  • Access to formative and informative bibliographic material;
  • Have access to specialised training in academia, national and international;
  • Possibility of belonging to the Next in Line (NIL) group, composed of the next generations of Family Businesses (with their own activities);
  • Follow the “Notifications” of our Assistant Associates;
  • Access news publications from Associated Family Businesses;
  • Share Associate information on Family Businesses social networks.

Membership Proposal

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Assistant Associates

The Association provides differentiated services to its associates in order to adapt to their needs and reality – as not all companies have the same concerns and difficulties.

The Assistant Associates provide these services. They are companies specialised in giving support and advice to Family Businesses and patrimonial families.

The specific support areas are: Family Business Specialists, Consultants, Banks, Family Offices, Lawyers, Insurance Brokers and Academia.

You can apply as a service provider or to benefit from the services here.