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    Miami - CEO Latam Forum
    26 a 28 de Julho, Miami




     We are living in a world which is increasingly volatile, uncertain, changing and ambiguous. As CEO, you have the privilege and responsibility to lead your organization during tranquil as well as turbulent times. Join an exclusive group of your peers from around Latam in Miami, Florida, for three days of reflection, sharing experiences, and broadening your knowledge and perspective on issues that are critical to the continuing success of your company.


    Impact and Experience

     Led by faculty from IESE Business School, ranked #1 in executive education programs by Financial Times (2015 and 2016), in partnership with Family Business and Office School®, participants will engage in workshops, case discussions, and interactive lectures to explore topics such as: the global macroeconomic and geopolitical outlook and its impact on businesses in the region, digital disruption and the importance of developing a digital mindset, strategies for growth and sustained competitive advantage, leadership and the nurturing of high-performance teams, innovative business models, and what is needed to ensure a successful implementation of your vision.


    Who Should Attend

     The program is designed for CEOs, C-suite Executives, Chairmans, Founders and Business Leaders, Board Members, Managing Directors, Country Managers, Corporate Governance Directors and Shareholders.


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