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    EUA - BOSTON - Preparing Owners of a Family Business
    11th-13th - September 2017 Boston Massachusetts, USA




    Preparing Owners of a Family Business

    September 11-13, 2017 - Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA


    The program is an orientation to the essentials of ownership and how to be an effective owner of a family business. Over three days, participants learn the role of an owner, the responsibilities and rights of owners, how owners can appropriately interact with the board and management, the basics of shareholder agreements, understanding dividends versus reinvestment, how to build an owners’ vision for the company, how to keep the owners unified, and how to plan for ownership governance and ownership succession, among other topics.


    A 3-day program that trains family members to be the shareholders their company needs

    The Preparing Owners of a Family Business program helps family business owners learn the essential skills and understandings needed to contribute to the long-term, owner-driven success of the family business.

    Participants learn how to:

    • Be effective, active owners of their family company
    • Confidently make important ownership decisions
    • Be instrumental in building unity in the ownership group around the owners’ vision

    Many family owners are unprepared to serve in their ownership role. Most family owners receive shares in the company as part of their inheritance, without adequate orientation. The responsibilities of owners are often nebulous, leaving family owners to wonder: What is expected of me as an owner? What decisions do I make? How do I prepare to make them? How is my opinion represented on the board? How do I influence the business as an owner?

    Owners rarely receive proper ownership training, yet they have significant decision-making power in a business.




    The program is a basic-to-intermediate level course for teams of:

    • New owners
    • Inexperienced owners
    • Non-working (inactive) owners
    • Soon-to-be successor owners
    • Other owners who aspire to elevate the competency of the ownership group, grow in their ownership role, or who want to plan for eventual ownership succession

    Teams of three or more individuals from the same family are encouraged. The program is particularly valuable for teams of next generation siblings and cousins, who benefit from working together as owners. If feasible, we recommend that a senior family member (owner, board member or family executive) attend with the next generation group, in order to deepen the learning by applying the program’s lessons to their own family business.






    • The meaning of ownership and its many dimensions
    • The benefits, responsibilities and rights of owners
    • Decisions owners make that affect family enterprise success, and how to prepare to make them
    • The attitudes and understandings that make a strong ownership group
    • Optimum allocation of decision-making among the owners, board, and management


    • Multigenerational wealth strategy from an owner’s perspective
    • Owners’ Dashboard: quick guide to key indicators that owners need to track in order to oversee business and financial performance
    • Understanding tradeoffs between company growth, dividends, liquidity, and ownership control


    • Setting shared ownership goals and an ownership vision
    • How to address typical tensions among shareholders
    • Building unity among the owners, even if it means restructuring



    • Each participant develops an individual action plan for him/herself during the program to grow in their ownership role


    • Rich discussions, classroom sessions, Harvard case studies, small and large group exercises, and individual action plans




    How the owners view and treat the family business has much to do with whether the business will survive and be perpetuated.

    The need for strong owners is indisputable. When it functions well, an ownership group provides the business with the stability, vision and capital that allows family companies to outperform their non-family competitors. Families provide an especially solid ownership foundation which gives their companies an undeniable financial advantage.

    Untrained owners put companies at risk. When a family ownership group under-functions and is unaligned, it destabilizes and weakens the business. The costs can be high, from stripping resources out of the company to confusing management to sowing disorder in the organization.

    Business leaders wouldn’t hire an executive to manage their business without proper preparation, yet most families put their companies in the hands of untrained owners.

    With nearly forty years of highly specialized expertise in family enterprises, the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise provides a deep and practical educational experience for shareholders.


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